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“Yes, it’s absolutely true. Size doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, it’s absolutely true. Size doesn’t matter.”

Welcome to

Size doesn’t matter.

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

You don’t stop dancing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop dancing.

Some proverbs tell you what you want to hear, some are meant to amuse, and some tell it like it is. 

Take that final one, for example. 
Why do so many people, as they age, conform to a stereotype of that age?
Is it such a gradual change that they don’t notice?
Maybe they realise, but think it isn’t possible to slow the process so they don’t do anything about it.

Well, I think it is possible, and I’m guessing that you’re here reading this because you agree! 

Age Is Just That - A Number!

Many thanks for joining me in helping to build what will be an ever-expanding resource of information, specifically for men who want to educate themselves as to both the mental and physical changes and challenges that happen when we hit ‘a certain age’.

For those of you that are older or younger than this site’s name suggests, the ’50’ is flexible!
Everybody’s different, so for you these changes could happen earlier or they could happen later, but the ethos here is that we think less of the number and more about our attitude towards growing older. 

With your input, our private Community Forum will be a place for advice and support; a non-judgemental area, away from the bin fire that is social media, where you can (anonymously, if that’s what you prefer) discuss any issues you may be experiencing, or just chat and make new friends.

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And we all despise intrusive advertising, don’t we, so I give you my assurance; there will never, ever be any advertising anywhere on this website or in the Community Forum! 

Looking Ahead

So where are we heading, and what will we do when we get there?
We’ll have a nice cup of tea and then we’ll start moving again!

Some ideas for the future include:

  • Guest blog writers
  • More features for the Community Forum
  • A YouTube channel
  • Diet, exercise and other related sections

If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, or if you have a passion for writing and would like to contribute a piece for my blog, you can easily get in touch by clicking on ‘Contact Me’ in the header dropdown menu. 

I’m always happy to hear from like-minded people! 

Once again, thanks for being here, and I hope to see you in our private Community Forum very soon.
Please take a few minutes to sign up. There’s no obligation, and without your opinion in there, it’s nothing!


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Subscribe Now To My Weekly Journal

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…and receive your first month’s membership to our ad-free, private Community Forum for men over 50 at NO COST!