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Wellness For Men Over 50 – What Do You Know?

A (very small and cheap) assemblage of trumpet players can vaguely be heard playing a fanfare in the far distance.
This website’s opening blog.
More than a year in the making.
Through four bouts of COVID and its associated brain fog, microsecond attention spans and a lot of confused head scratching.
Without COVID, I reckon I could have knocked this whole thing out within a week!

From Frustration Came Action

Some years ago, as I cruised past my 50th birthday and fought against the temptation of, amongst other things, the elasticated waistband and watching mid-afternoon repeats (that’s ‘reruns’ to my American friends) of ‘Murder, She Wrote’, I realised I wasn’t prepared for the physical and mental challenges and changes that were about to inevitably happen to me.
I wanted to educate myself, but when trying to find information, I discovered that a lot of what I needed to understand wasn’t well-known, was scattered far and wide, and there wasn’t a place online, away from social media, for interested or affected men to discuss privately any issues they may have.

During filming, Kevin hears a ghostly voice advising him to have nothing to do with a future movie called ‘Waterworld’. Sadly, he chooses to ignore that warning.

“Build It, and He Will Come”

So, with those very same words that Kevin Costner/Ray Kinsella found so inspirational swirling round my noggin, that’s exactly what I did.
I built that place myself!
Over the coming months and years, my vision is that and its private Community Forum will be somewhere that men over 50 regularly visit to chat, ask questions, look for answers and socialise with like-minded men in a ‘safe space’, away from distracting advertising and the annoying trolls found on social media.

I’ll be honest, I very nearly gave up multiple times, but the thing that kept me going was wondering whether I could make this work, and by association, once I’d gone past a certain point in its development, it felt like it would be better for my mental health to keep going and see it through to the end rather than endure years of having to listen to myself repeatedly saying, ‘What if………?’.
That would have sucked!

Overnight Results Often Take Time

Things look a little ‘light’ right now, but bear with me. I’ll be regularly adding content, and…this is the bit where you come in!
Sign up for my weekly email journal, ‘The Upside’, and you’ll receive your first month’s membership to our 100% ad-free, private Community Forum for zero cost, and then subsequently it’ll only cost around $4/£4/€4 each month.
Then, tell your friends…before going onto the forum and starting a topic or joining in with an existing one!

Although older men’s health and wellness is the main focus here, any topic (within reason!) is acceptable for discussion in the forum.
Without you guys joining in, it’ll be nothing (which is why I call it ‘our’ Community Forum), so please sign up, get involved, and let’s build something great together; if not for me, then do it for Kevin/Ray!

Absolutely No Ads Anywhere and Security Is Taken Seriously

And don’t worry about online safety.
Unlike many social media platforms, your personal data will be protected by multiple anti-spam and security features, will never be sold, and will only be used for the safe and effective operation of the website and Community Forum.

I sincerely hope you’ll join us, and in the near future reflect upon that decision and realise you’re a healthier, happier person for taking part.
That’s what we’re all here for!

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